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Facts About the U.S Treasury Department

The treasury is among the most important departments in any state government and it is usually led by individuals who are known to have enough expertise to handle the responsibilities that wait in the department. Different leaders have been in position leading and taking up different responsibilities in the treasury since it was first identified as a department. Monica Crowley was once the assistant secretary for public affairs in the department. Her appointment as the assistant secretary was done by the Donald Trump administration. She is a well-educated woman and has the capacity to lead as it has been expressed during her continuing service in the U.S treasury department. Her service as the assistant secretary public affairs in the department of treasury only lasted for a month after which she quit.

She is an author and has published a book which she was once accused of having plagiarized and this was one of the reasons why she quit her job as the assistant secretary for public affairs in the treasury department. She is also a political commentator and a lobbyist. She has enough skill and has been into different fields which can be said to have attributed to her strong leadership skill and ability. Her book contains some important knowledge that she willingly put down for different people to read. Her career has advanced with time and she seems to get better every day in what she does.
There is much strength that can be attached to the manner of service that Crowley has been taking up the different tasks assigned to her.

Being a political commentator requires some dedication which has been clearly shown by Monica Crowley. As an author she definitely had put her work down in a manner that her audience will clearly understand and get her message right. There is a measurable development in Monica Crowley’s career which has taken place despite the uneventful occurrences that have taken place.
Crowley also has an education life that also seems to be very successful from the very beginning to this far. Crowley is among the best and highly regarded employees in the U.S treasury department and she should be retained for a long time.
The retention will ensure that the department will benefit from her skill and she will also steer in the right direction.
The kind of employees that are supposed to be hired in the treasury departments are those that have enough skill to carry out the work.